Overcoming A Blunder

A couple Sundays ago on Fox NFL Sunday, the regular crew of Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and others were commenting on the games as usual. They were commentating on a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The running back had a monstrous  day with over 250 yards and Terry Bradshaw was so excited about the player play that day, that he said that he ran like he was chasing a bucket of chicken.

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The comment, although it seemed harmless took to twitter. The player was African American which means people thought that that it meant to say that Terry Bradshaw said something racially offensive about the black player.

Now I myself didn’t think it was offensive when I saw it but after seeing twitter I saw that I was in the minority of the people I follow. What it became was bad PR for Fox NFL Today.

The ways that one can overcome a PR Blunder is a couple ways.

1st is by owning up and apologizing. If someone goes deeper in defending themselves sometimes it can get them into more trouble when things don’t line up to the public. It can leading to a lasting distrust.

2nd, if it was a mistake tell your side of the story to attempt to clear things up. If it was a clear accident tell your side to make things clear to the public.

3rd, Time. Sometimes you can’t clear everything up but the old expression “time heals all wounds” is true and people forget and another generation of consumer comes in.

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What’s the Plan? (Crisis Communication)

In 2009, Domino’s pizza was faced with a public crisis. Before social media really took off they were faced with a huge problem that could have ruined them. Two of their employees video taped themselves doing things to people’s food before going out and delivering them. What would Domino’s do? How would they go about dealing with this crisis? This is something they have ever dealt with before. A viral attack.

No one ever knows when a crisis is about to come about. I’m sure the CEO of Domino’s pizza didn’t wake up that morning thinking that his company would be attacked in a way that they had never seen before. It is something unexpected but it is good to be prepared for it. That is where the science of Crisis Communication plan comes into play. A few ways to stay prepared:

A DESIGNATED SPOKESPERSON: It is good to have a designated spokesperson because it is good to have a person that will be comfortable having interviews on TV or on the radio. Also it is good to have a designated spokesperson because that way only one person speaks and no one has room to say anything ridiculous on the companies behalf.

PRACTICE TOUGH QUESTION: Under pressure people tend to say things that they don’t intend to say. Especially in a crisis when there thinking isn’t correct. Everyone’s thinking is circumstantial. That is why it is good to practice answering tough questions so the spokesperson should be accustomed to the though questions.

PREPARED STATEMENTS: The reason it is good to have prepared statements so the public will to wait on a statement from the company. Speculation won’t be able to scatter and the public won’t be able to form their ow bias opinion without hearing form the organization or the company.

The are many more but these are just a few key components to a Crisis Communication plan.

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The Purpose of October

October, a month that some people look forward to all year. It is the month where baseball’s world series is played and millions upon millions of people tune in to watch it. It is also the month that the NBA begins its season. It is also the same month that the national holiday Halloween takes place. But over the last decade it is clear what the number one event of October is. It has to be breast cancer awareness. There are many things organizations have done to make the public more aware but a organization that has done a ton for the cause is the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society have had a big impact on cancer research and awareness.

Photo via:flickr

One things that the American Cancer Society has assisted in is making breast cancer a relevant and mainstream issue. They have done it by being able to make people aware of breast cancer by using mainstream medias. They were one of the main players in getting the National Football League to participate in the NFL wears pink. During the month of October the players will wear pink gloves, socks, shoes, and sometimes pink logos on their helmets and jersey’s. It is a bold statement to have America’s favorite sport behind breast cancer research.

Also they have done well in getting everyday people to play their role. They have organized many walks that have gotten people involved and have moved people from being relaxed about the issue to making it a community struggle. No longer making it something that one family has struggled with but what we all struggle with. It is our struggle. The American Cancer Society has and will continue to make many strides.It also is a main leader in cancer research, which has helped tremendously.

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The science of a Press Release

Growing up I watched a lot of TV. My favorite channel was ESPN. I loved the drama behind sports. It was just so captivating. It made sports a reality TV show. I began to know the character of athletes like they were close and personal friends. Some of my favorite moments was when athletes get in trouble. It brought out the realness to me. I can also remember how athletes would send out a statement to the presses to help them further understand or to let the press know the current status or attitude of the athlete. It would always be something that was totally out of the character of the athlete. The press release would be something about God when he’s charged with bringing a gun to the nightclub. But what is awesome now to understand the science behind a press release.

Photo via: flickr

To break down the basic needs of a Press Release, first you need an attention grabbing headline. Something that summarizes what you are about to say in the release. It has be somewhat informing but at the same time it has to catchy to grab the reader’s attention. Also a correct dateline which should include a city in which the release was sent from and the accurate date.

Second, an introduction that gives the basic information of the press release. Basically describing who, what, when, where, and how.

Third, the body of the press release is the meat. The sticky details that everybody really wants to hear.

Fourth, a boilerplate a small section on the background of the person or the company who is releasing the information. Pretty needed because it is to know the credentials of the source.  

Lastly, the close which includes the media contact information. Which includes name, phone number, email address and etc.

 I hope this will be helpful.

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Those needed elements

As I watch TV, I continue to see a recurring theme every commercial break. I see an ad for each presidential candidate. As election day draws near I begin to see more and more informational and detailed ads for the presidential race. In Obama’s campaign I see that they point out more flaws in Romney’s plan and his character by calling him a liar because of his views on a certain topic. In the Romney campaign I see that they attack the current economy as is. They also attack promises that Obama has not come through on. I sometimes think that it could be very difficult and tiresome to continue a campaign like both of these going. I have to think what makes these campaigns work and what makes them successful. So what elements actually make a campaign a successful campaign? What are those things that are needed that make up the essence of a campaign?

One thing is that you must have a common goal of a campaign. What is it that you want to achieve? What is that you want to be accomplished after you are through? Is the goal at all possible and is it reasonable? Basically do you have a strong and good vision behind your campaign to be able to carry it out?

Another needed element is to have the framework for your campaign. After you have a goal in mind it is extremely necessary to set the framework for a campaign. The steps that is going to be taken to obtain the goal. Carefully doing this can be the foundation for the entire campaign.

A huge element that is needed is a medium of communication. This is huge because it is the way that you are going to communicate to your audience. This is when the need to determine who your audience is and then determine what is the best medium for your audience is weather it is billboards, TV commercial, or radio commercials. This is huge because this is the framework being taken into action and everything is riding on the results of this element.

There are many more key elements but I feel that these few elements are some of the most common and key elements.  

Photo via: Patrick O. (flickr)

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photo via: flickr

If you are anything like me, for some odd, strange reason, you think that everything is just public opinion. That we live in a world that is totally based upon people’s opinon and perception. That nothing really has to be factual. Especially in the world of social media. So to sum up my perception of my thoughts EVERYTHING IS ACCORDING TO PEOPLE,’S FEELIN AND PERCEPTION. Well this blog is going to let you know how wrong I am and how research is needed in social media and in public relations..

First it is huge just to be able to know your client. Knowing your client and their background is huge. It could really make the difference in a presentation. Knowing what presentation of what products a certain client turned down could lead to a good guideline on what not to do. Also knowing what things that they have accepted in the past can help in bringing new creative ideas that are spurred from ideas that have already worked. Along with knowing your client, knowing your target audience is huge. Doing research on target audience is probably the most important part of any presentation of public relations. You have to be able to do research on the target audience to be able to captivate the right audience. If you wanted to do an ad for the new jordans coming out you wouldn’t get an add on a youtube channel for Dave Chappelle’s comedy. The target audience for Jordan’s and Dave Chappelle’s comedy will be two totally different audiences that have no relation with each other.

Also, another huge importance of doing research in public relations is having correct information. Checking and double checking on a source is a form of doing research. It is relly important that you do research on a source because wrong information can lead to you losing your credibility.

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Web 2 Icons

via Web 2 icons

Edelman, APCO Worldwide, Ruder Finn, no one know these names off the back of their hands but twitter and facebook are household names. The first three names that were mention are the top three public relations agencies. It is clear that social media sights such as facebook and twitter have had an huge impact on public relation. First off because the convenience. On of the most effective ways of getting a message out there is just tweeting about it and have people retweeting it. You can send a PR message through your phone to twitter and in an instant millions of people can know about it.

It is also cost effective. Who needs to pay for a billboard that may cost a pretty descent amount of money (not saying that using a billboard is not an effective tool of advertising) when it cost absolutely to update a status on facebook or tweet something on twitter. and know that there are always people on twitter or facebook at any given time of the night which means your time to get a message out never ends and you can advertise all day with no cost.

Also through social media you are able to gain information on your target audience. If your target audience is teenagers you are able to the things that teenagers tweet or update their statuses about which gives you insight on what teenagers like these days and how to appeal to them. No longer do you have to take surveys and do extremely out of the ordinary things to catch up with today’s youth. What is also awesome about appealing to different audiences through social media is that there is not just one age group on social networks there is wide range of people on today’s social networks. The advancement of Public Relations will be through social media.

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