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If you are anything like me, for some odd, strange reason, you think that everything is just public opinion. That we live in a world that is totally based upon people’s opinon and perception. That nothing really has to be factual. Especially in the world of social media. So to sum up my perception of my thoughts EVERYTHING IS ACCORDING TO PEOPLE,’S FEELIN AND PERCEPTION. Well this blog is going to let you know how wrong I am and how research is needed in social media and in public relations..

First it is huge just to be able to know your client. Knowing your client and their background is huge. It could really make the difference in a presentation. Knowing what presentation of what products a certain client turned down could lead to a good guideline on what not to do. Also knowing what things that they have accepted in the past can help in bringing new creative ideas that are spurred from ideas that have already worked. Along with knowing your client, knowing your target audience is huge. Doing research on target audience is probably the most important part of any presentation of public relations. You have to be able to do research on the target audience to be able to captivate the right audience. If you wanted to do an ad for the new jordans coming out you wouldn’t get an add on a youtube channel for Dave Chappelle’s comedy. The target audience for Jordan’s and Dave Chappelle’s comedy will be two totally different audiences that have no relation with each other.

Also, another huge importance of doing research in public relations is having correct information. Checking and double checking on a source is a form of doing research. It is relly important that you do research on a source because wrong information can lead to you losing your credibility.


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