Those needed elements

As I watch TV, I continue to see a recurring theme every commercial break. I see an ad for each presidential candidate. As election day draws near I begin to see more and more informational and detailed ads for the presidential race. In Obama’s campaign I see that they point out more flaws in Romney’s plan and his character by calling him a liar because of his views on a certain topic. In the Romney campaign I see that they attack the current economy as is. They also attack promises that Obama has not come through on. I sometimes think that it could be very difficult and tiresome to continue a campaign like both of these going. I have to think what makes these campaigns work and what makes them successful. So what elements actually make a campaign a successful campaign? What are those things that are needed that make up the essence of a campaign?

One thing is that you must have a common goal of a campaign. What is it that you want to achieve? What is that you want to be accomplished after you are through? Is the goal at all possible and is it reasonable? Basically do you have a strong and good vision behind your campaign to be able to carry it out?

Another needed element is to have the framework for your campaign. After you have a goal in mind it is extremely necessary to set the framework for a campaign. The steps that is going to be taken to obtain the goal. Carefully doing this can be the foundation for the entire campaign.

A huge element that is needed is a medium of communication. This is huge because it is the way that you are going to communicate to your audience. This is when the need to determine who your audience is and then determine what is the best medium for your audience is weather it is billboards, TV commercial, or radio commercials. This is huge because this is the framework being taken into action and everything is riding on the results of this element.

There are many more key elements but I feel that these few elements are some of the most common and key elements.  

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