The science of a Press Release

Growing up I watched a lot of TV. My favorite channel was ESPN. I loved the drama behind sports. It was just so captivating. It made sports a reality TV show. I began to know the character of athletes like they were close and personal friends. Some of my favorite moments was when athletes get in trouble. It brought out the realness to me. I can also remember how athletes would send out a statement to the presses to help them further understand or to let the press know the current status or attitude of the athlete. It would always be something that was totally out of the character of the athlete. The press release would be something about God when he’s charged with bringing a gun to the nightclub. But what is awesome now to understand the science behind a press release.

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To break down the basic needs of a Press Release, first you need an attention grabbing headline. Something that summarizes what you are about to say in the release. It has be somewhat informing but at the same time it has to catchy to grab the reader’s attention. Also a correct dateline which should include a city in which the release was sent from and the accurate date.

Second, an introduction that gives the basic information of the press release. Basically describing who, what, when, where, and how.

Third, the body of the press release is the meat. The sticky details that everybody really wants to hear.

Fourth, a boilerplate a small section on the background of the person or the company who is releasing the information. Pretty needed because it is to know the credentials of the source.  

Lastly, the close which includes the media contact information. Which includes name, phone number, email address and etc.

 I hope this will be helpful.


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