Overcoming A Blunder

A couple Sundays ago on Fox NFL Sunday, the regular crew of Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and others were commenting on the games as usual. They were commentating on a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The running back had a monstrous  day with over 250 yards and Terry Bradshaw was so excited about the player play that day, that he said that he ran like he was chasing a bucket of chicken.

photo via: flickr

The comment, although it seemed harmless took to twitter. The player was African American which means people thought that that it meant to say that Terry Bradshaw said something racially offensive about the black player.

Now I myself didn’t think it was offensive when I saw it but after seeing twitter I saw that I was in the minority of the people I follow. What it became was bad PR for Fox NFL Today.

The ways that one can overcome a PR Blunder is a couple ways.

1st is by owning up and apologizing. If someone goes deeper in defending themselves sometimes it can get them into more trouble when things don’t line up to the public. It can leading to a lasting distrust.

2nd, if it was a mistake tell your side of the story to attempt to clear things up. If it was a clear accident tell your side to make things clear to the public.

3rd, Time. Sometimes you can’t clear everything up but the old expression “time heals all wounds” is true and people forget and another generation of consumer comes in.


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