The Purpose of October

October, a month that some people look forward to all year. It is the month where baseball’s world series is played and millions upon millions of people tune in to watch it. It is also the month that the NBA begins its season. It is also the same month that the national holiday Halloween takes place. But over the last decade it is clear what the number one event of October is. It has to be breast cancer awareness. There are many things organizations have done to make the public more aware but a organization that has done a ton for the cause is the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society have had a big impact on cancer research and awareness.

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One things that the American Cancer Society has assisted in is making breast cancer a relevant and mainstream issue. They have done it by being able to make people aware of breast cancer by using mainstream medias. They were one of the main players in getting the National Football League to participate in the NFL wears pink. During the month of October the players will wear pink gloves, socks, shoes, and sometimes pink logos on their helmets and jersey’s. It is a bold statement to have America’s favorite sport behind breast cancer research.

Also they have done well in getting everyday people to play their role. They have organized many walks that have gotten people involved and have moved people from being relaxed about the issue to making it a community struggle. No longer making it something that one family has struggled with but what we all struggle with. It is our struggle. The American Cancer Society has and will continue to make many strides.It also is a main leader in cancer research, which has helped tremendously.


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