What’s the Plan? (Crisis Communication)

In 2009, Domino’s pizza was faced with a public crisis. Before social media really took off they were faced with a huge problem that could have ruined them. Two of their employees video taped themselves doing things to people’s food before going out and delivering them. What would Domino’s do? How would they go about dealing with this crisis? This is something they have ever dealt with before. A viral attack.

No one ever knows when a crisis is about to come about. I’m sure the CEO of Domino’s pizza didn’t wake up that morning thinking that his company would be attacked in a way that they had never seen before. It is something unexpected but it is good to be prepared for it. That is where the science of Crisis Communication plan comes into play. A few ways to stay prepared:

A DESIGNATED SPOKESPERSON: It is good to have a designated spokesperson because it is good to have a person that will be comfortable having interviews on TV or on the radio. Also it is good to have a designated spokesperson because that way only one person speaks and no one has room to say anything ridiculous on the companies behalf.

PRACTICE TOUGH QUESTION: Under pressure people tend to say things that they don’t intend to say. Especially in a crisis when there thinking isn’t correct. Everyone’s thinking is circumstantial. That is why it is good to practice answering tough questions so the spokesperson should be accustomed to the though questions.

PREPARED STATEMENTS: The reason it is good to have prepared statements so the public will to wait on a statement from the company. Speculation won’t be able to scatter and the public won’t be able to form their ow bias opinion without hearing form the organization or the company.

The are many more but these are just a few key components to a Crisis Communication plan.


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