About Me

Hello All,

My name is James (Jimmie) Reed. I am from Chicago, Illinois and this will be my third year at Indiana State University. I am technically undecided but I will be majoring in Communications in the spring with a concentration in Public Relations and also a minor in Marketing. I came to Indiana State University because I was offered a scholarship and it was the cheaper option but I came to find out that it was meant for me to go to ISU. My freshmen year I became a Christian and it has been the main focus in my life ever since. Since my freshmen year I have learned a ton of things about how the world works through my experiences and I continue to learn. The last couple years have been challenging for me but it has made me have a greater appreciation for things that I usually have taken for granted.

I enjoy hanging out and traveling with my friends. I also have many hobbies. I like to write narratives in my spare time. I love history. I love american history. I like to read biographies in my spare time. I also am a singer. I grew up singing in church and I have been singing ever since. When I was thirteen, I went to a performing arts school where I learned how to play the piano, drums, and how to sing professionally.After I graduate I plan on going to work at an advertising agency. I want to move down south preferably Atlanta. Where ever I go I really want to be able to raise my family in peace and get connected to a nice church.

If you want to reach me or get more information on me you can reach me on my linked in or my twitter.


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