Code of Ethics

James Reed

Mills Hall, Terre Haute, In

Cell: 812-xxx-xxxx

What follows is a code of ethics I am looking for in an organization for which I am employed. The reason I look for these certain things in a organizationis that I want to work for an organization that has the same vision that I do. I feel it will set me and the organization up for an awesome relationshipand with my coworkers as well. I am looking for these things because I would not be allowed to work with any organization where any employee or employer compromises their character.

Goals:the result in which effort is directed; aim.

An organizationshould always have goals. If they do not, they have nothing to work towards.It could actually be one of the more dangerous states. If there are no goals in mind then there will just be working with no motivation because you are working towards nothing. It can lead to complacency.

Resiliency: the power or the ability to be able to return to original or better shape after being stretched.

There are times that a company is going to be stretched, the mark of an organizationis how it bounces back.If anorganization has no fight when opposition comes it is bound to be defeated.

Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

If there is no integrity amongst coworkers itcan become unspoken anarchy.Integrity is the most important character to me because it is one that shows who a person really is when they are not in front of other people. It is so important to have high integrity because lack thereof can lead to the downfall of an organization.

Compassionate Values:principals that hold people in higher regard than financial gain.

An organization that holds people needs in higher regard than its own gain,is an organization that truly have their consumers’ best interest at heart. An organization like this will likely have compassionate people or at least have compassionate management.I would hate to work in an establishment where my care, concern, and compassion for people is challenged.

Fun: enjoyment or playfulness

I feel that an organization should encourage their employees to have fun and be themselves at the work place. I feel that this should create a healthy workplace and make it a place where employees enjoy coming. This will also make the environment in the workplace a pleasant one.


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