Indigo Bunting via flickr

Indigo Bunting via flickr


Around my freshmen year facebook was the chosen site of the Internet. It was rare to find someone who didn’t have a facebook account. If they did not have one they were guilted or peer pressured into having one. It seemed as if facebook was never going to even be compared to another site. It knocked myspace out into orbit. Then one day I saw my friend on this weird looking empty site (compared to facebook it was empty looking). I asked what was it and He said twitter. I asked what makes this different from facebook and he said “it makes you feel like a celebrity because the object of it is to get people to follow you. Well how do you do that?

One way to ensure that you gain followers is simply to tweet a descent amount of times throughout the day. No one wants to waste a follow on a person who doesn’t tweet. Not tweeting is the quickest way to get unfollowed. Following to follower ratio is pretty big to those who participate on twitter. It shows that they are a person worth following or the things that they say are really interesting.

Also following people back is a pretty quick way and easy way to gain more twitter followers. People on twitter will be quicker to follow someone if they know that they have a guaranteed follow back. It also makes people feel safe by following you knowing that you have the intentions of following them back.

Also a cool and fun way of gaining more followers is just being interactive. Use your hashtags. Its a cool way of seeing if people are tweeting about the same thing that you are. Also have fun tagging people in your status. Interact with the people you follow and the people that follow you. Makes for a better experience for you and your followers. #team follow back

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My PR Interview with Brandy Krier

image credit: Linked In

My PR professional interview was with Brandy Krier. She is the Associated Director of Integrated Marketing at Zimmer, a top-notch orthopedic company. Before I conducted my interview I was able to learn a little about Brandy by looking at her Linked In  profile. This was actually extremely helpful when talking to her because it helped with question I could ask her. For example, I was able to find out that she went to a state school, just like me, and when I was able to tell her that I went to a state school just like she did (Arkansas State University) we had something in common and it made the interview very uncomfortable. Although it was done by phone, it felt as if we were face to face.

Before this interview, I had interviewed another PR professional from a non-profit organization. Although the interview was informational, I felt as if I didn’t learn anything new about PR. I am grateful for the PR professional who took out time and helped me but I was so glad I was able to interview Krier. I was so surprised by how Krier was able to answer my questions so thoroughly. She was able to break down so many things about the world of Public Relations. She was extremely informational and engaging and I was able to listen to her talk for extended period of time each time I asked her a question. She answered each question in-depth to the point where I never questioned an answer at all.

In the end I think what Krier helped me most with was my excitement for the PR world during and post college. She made it sound like an extremely fun field to be in when you leave college and even though I was excited from talking to her she made me realize the reality of the PR world. The reality not just in PR, but in the career field period, that there is no such thing as the perfect job but find something you are passionate about and the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

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