Sample PR Campaign

Public Relations Campaign Plan
Public Relations Plan Overview
Habitat For Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity group of the Communications 269 class is setting out to raise awareness for the Vigo County Habitat for Humanity. The group will be using a budget of $0 and targeting the public of the Indiana State University student body. The objectives of our promotional efforts will be to:
• Raise awareness of the student body.
• Acquire donations from Indiana State University students and staff.
• Position Habitat for Humanity group as a positive, vital force in the community
• Increase positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for Habitat for Humanity as a positive influence on the Terre Haute community.
This strong, working public relations plan will include:
• Identifying reasonable timelines to achieve the desired goals
• Develop tools to communicate and advertise our mission.
External Markets, Current and Potential
1. General population markets including the following current and potential markets at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana:
o Students
o Faculty
o Staff
o Guests
o Administrators
o Donors
o People seeking assistance from Habitat for Humanity
2. Community service and philanthropic leaders and organizations
3. News media
Our goals for this project is to raise awareness to the Habitat for Humanity of Vigo County by allowing students to sign up for volunteer work, and raise $100 for the organization to put towards any current projects. We hope to do so by holding a dodge ball tournament open to the students of Indiana State University.

Effectively use communication tools to get the community involved in the event in different way.
Special Event
Coordinate and implement a dodge ball tournament event to raise funds for the Habitat for Humanity of Vigo County’s current project.
Performance Measures
Increase awareness of Habitat for Humanity’s objectives among students, staff, and faculty at Indiana State University.
Develop publications to promote events for the Habitat for Humanity as well as to raise awareness of the organization and its objectives. Each publication will have an intended purpose and audience to reach. Publications will contain necessary information for each public as well as contact information for the group.
We are designing fliers to be distributed throughout the university as well as delivered to the mailboxes located in the Greek suite. The fliers are to contain information about the event and what promotional items will be offered.
Internet Materials
To reach a large amount of students in a short amount of time we are setting out event invites to students of the university via Facebook. The event site is to inform students of the date time and cost of the event, and who to contact regarding questions.
Fact Sheet
We will distribute a fact sheet during the event to raise awareness and inform supporters of Habitat for Humanity’s history, purpose, and achievements.
Press Release
Our group will create a press release for distribution to the school newspaper in an attempt to get news coverage about our events.

Poster Board
We will create two different poster boards for the event. One poster board will show the name of our organization, Habitat for Humanity, and pictures in order to be easily recognized. The second poster board will be used as a signature sheet to serve as an incentive for donors to show their support.
News Media Relations
To establish a relationship with the school newspaper, the Indiana Statesman, to promote our event and purpose.
Appoint a group member to take the lead in establishing the relationship and provide necessary information to the Indiana Statesman staff to write a short story.
Performance Measures
Increased awareness and exposure of our event and objectives during our awareness campaign.
Social Media
Have members of the group promote by Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter to engage students and supporters of the organization.
• Develop message timeline
Increase awareness of our event and provide potential supporters a method to become involved in our activities.
Develop fliers and social media to promote our event and objectives.

• Create and distribute fliers on campus
• Create social media groups and events and use them to spread the word of our objectives
Performance Measures
Increased exposure to target audiences resulting in increased awareness, assistance, donations, and involvement.


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