Sample Press Release

Contact: James Reed TEL: 555-708-9090          

CELL: 812-223-3077



Terre Haute, Ind, November 15, 2012. Students in Jennifer Mullen’s Communication 269 class are holding an event for Habitat for Humanity. The event will be an effort for the students to raise awareness and gain volunteers for the nonprofit organization.
The event will be a dodge ball tournament. The day of the event is not yet known but will be released in the coming days. It will include a minimum of twelve teams. The teams will consist of different organizations around the campus of Indiana State University. The teams will have to enlist at least six members of its organization for a fee of two dollars a person.
The tournament will be open to the public and donations will be accepted for Habitat for Humanity. There will also be a brief presentation about the impact that Habitat for Humanity has had worldwide and how students will be able to volunteer and assist.
Although all of the proceeds are going to Habitat for Humanity, students are playing for the pride of their organization and bragging rights for an entire year. They are also playing for The Golden Brick which symbolizes the work of Habitat for Humanity and the volunteering of the students.
When speaking on how this event could possibly benefit the community, event planner Crystal Clapp says that “This has become more than a class assignment it has become something that I hope last long after I leave here. We really hope that Indiana State will embrace this event and also the community of Terre Haute.”


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